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Soybean Futures only had one losing trade this week, and gained + 17 points.  Best thing is each trade had us in and out in a matter of minutes.  This could be the most consistent winner, requiring the absolute least amount of time in the markets, session after session.  I can’t even remember the last time I saw a losing session.

This week it was one and done, 4 of the 5 sessions.  Tuesday would have been one and done but it only got 1 tick on it’s first two trades and we insist upon a full winner to count towards our “Power of Quitting” goals.  Because of needing a few extra trades to hit our goals, it took a 21 minutes of actual time in the markets, which is quite lengthy for this market.  Today it finished in 4 1/2 minutes with + 4.5 points.


See Today’s Soybean Futures Trade



The Dow eMini futures ended the week positive again and also had 4 out of 5 one and done sessions.  Today it finished + 27.  Yesterday, on the day before contracts rollover, which traditionally are days where taking a day off is typically the best trade decision, struggled to get positive but today’s session put the week into the black again, + 38 points and new record profit levels again.


Today’s Dow eMini Futures Trade



In fact, there were a lot of winners today and throughout the week.  Check out today’s EURJPY forex daytrade, which had a fabulous week.  Today it gained + 158 pips, the 2nd triple digit gainer this week.  Monday it gained + 211 pips.  It ended the week up again + 490 pips!



All three of these futures and forex markets (and more) can be traded with modest starting account sizes.  Find out more when we hold a series of webinars coming up over the next few weeks.




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