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Forex and eMini Futures Doing Great to Start the New Year

Our favorite forex daytrade plan, the EURJPY 5 minute chart is off to a strong start this year.:

  • Today it gained + 88 pips. 
  • It is up + 355 pips this year already with a 2.22 Profit Factor 


See Today’s EURJPY Forex Trade that hit new equity highs for the year and gained +88 pips




The first two weeks of January have typically been tough for eMini futures the past few years but we keep posting gains with Trend Jumper.  Here’s how it unfolded today, to start the 2nd complete week of 2014.

  • Russell eMini Futures took two trades, + 2.3
  • Dow eMini Futures needed two trades as well, + 18 points
  • S & P eMini Futures gained + 1.5 points, three trades
  • Nasdaq eMini Futures gained + 7 points, one and done


See the Dow eMini Futures trade that hit our goals today, during a slow Monday.  This trade took 24 minutes.


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