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Forex and Futures; Boring is Good

I realize I’ve been focused on producing and posting exciting new tradeplans lately and haven’t really talked much about the current results we have been enjoying with Trend Jumper these past couple of weeks.  I thought I’d do a quick post to bring us up to date on some of our favorite markets.  The fact is, while the markets work their way through the Dawg Days of August, Trend Jumper trades and tradeplans continue to post new gains, big profits, steady returns and record breaking equity high levels on just about all of our favorite tradeplans.

Today, for example, opening with a very slow, low range session, we hit our profit goals on everything we cover in the traderoom.  CL, YM, EURJPY, HO and RB all posted winning sessions.  In fact, we hardly even saw a losing trade.

Yesterday?  Same thing!  Day before?  YES!  Just about all winners.  Sure, a rogue market/tradeplan will have a few losses and even post a losing session sometimes.  The EURJPY definitely had a hard time getting on track Monday.  But if you’re trading for profits, you trade the overall outcome of the winning tradeplan.  A few losses here and there just move us closer to the next breakout to record profit levels, because the winners come flying back in.

EURJPY finished last week, winning 9 of 13 trades for + 194 pips.  Not bad for a daytrading plan that uses a 5 minute chart.  Most traders are trying to scalp out a few pips here and there with a 5 minute forex chart, getting eaten alive slowly by their brokers.  That’s not how we daytrade forex.  Last week we had two sessions with over +100 pip gains!

Today was modest, but we still were one and done, ending with + 25 pips.  The big picture shows this forex tradeplan is up over + 5000 pips in 2013!  That is exactly what I mean about making money by trading the plan and enjoying its results.  It’s all about the Big Picture.   The forest from the trees!  Each trade is just a tree.  Some get sick and die, which contributes to the overall health of the ever growing forest — the equity curve!

Our other tradeplans are showing the same consistency.  YM, CL, TF, HO, RB, etc., are winning over 85% of their sessions and weekly totals.  Our new stock plans have been posting new winners.  Same with the new 4 hour chart forex swingtrade plans.  The fact is, whether you trade futures, forex, stocks, options or all of the above, there are simply just too many great opportunities with the Trend Jumper, which works across all those markets, both for daytrading and swingtrading.  That’s a good problem to have!


Today’s Winning Forex Trade in EURJPY


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