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Forex and Futures Deliver Another Winning Session Across the Board

Our tried and true daytrade plans for futures and forex delivered a very straight forward Monday with winners on everything.  Here’s a quick review of some of the winning markets we were following today.

  • Forex; EURJPY 5 Min Chart gained + 20 pips
  • Forex; Other winners of markets we don’t closely follow include USDJPY, CADJPY, and AUDJPY.  These JPY pairs continue to look real good for those wanting to daytrade more than just the EURJPY.
  • Forex; Also, the CADJPY 15 minute chart which was originally designed for the Asian Session, continues to do excellent during the Euro AND US sessions as well.


Check out Today’s Forex US Session, CADJPY 15 Min Chart on MT4 which gained + 25 pips with Three Positions.  The first position comes off at the 1st target, the 2nd position comes off at the 2nd target and the 3rd position would trail the dark blue line but it stopped out for just 1 pip on this trade, due to money mgt rules that lock in a pip to eliminate risk once the first target is hit.



  • On the Futures side, our main energy markets were all winners
    • Crude Oil Futures gained + 32 for $320.  Incidentally, it ended last week up, + 1.01 for over $1000
    • Heating Oil Futures gained + 82 ticks for $344
    • Unleaded Gas Futures gained + 162 points for $680.00
    • Dow eMini Futures gained + 13 points for new record profit levels
    • Other profitable Futures markets today include the DAX Futures, Soybean Futures, Russell eMini Futures, Nasdaq eMini Futures


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