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Forex and Futures Do it Again; Profitable Again Across the Board

Our newest members were treated to a real Tour de Force today as we hit winners on nearly every market we trade in the live traderoom.  For many, it was their very first session with Trend Jumper and as eye opening as I can only image the session was, I think it went a long way, real fast, in helping build their belief and confidence in the strategy.

We’ve been doing this every day for a long time, but for those seeing it live for the first time, they were able to actually witness, in live time just How and Why I keep posting blog posts like this one, over and over again.

WINNERS!  YET AGAIN!  That’s because Trend Jumper works in is for real!  Sure, they got to see some losing trades too.  We don’t hide that fact.  Trades will lose.  But our Tradeplans keep winning!  That’s the difference between those discovering success and those who are not.  It’s the training that goes with the great strategy.  You need the whole enchilada.  And we give it to you!

Today’s Results..  Check it out:

  • Crude Oil Futures; + .44 for $440
  • Dow eMini futures; + 35 points for $175
  • EURJPY; + 47 pips
  • SoyBean Futures; Lots of winners.  Results depend on how many trades one takes.  One loss and numerous winners to follow
  • DAX Futures (Euro Session) + 31.5 Points for 787.5 euros
  • Russell eMini futures; — New Record Profit levels hit today + 1.7 for $170
  • etc., etc..


This is how it works.  Trade to make money.  Make money by trading the tradeplan that gives you an EDGE in the market.  Let the EDGE make you your money by just sticking to the plan.  Trades win and trades lose but the Tradeplans keep winning with the Trend Jumper.

Today’s Final Crude Oil Futures trade that gave us our nice net result of + .44 today.  It was the first trade after the Inventory Report, as called live in the traderoom.



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