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Forex and Futures Gain BIG on Fed Day

Trend Jumper had us out in front of all the moves yesterday and hours before the feds announced their intentions we were already finished trading with significant profits in hand.  I love December trading and this year is shaping up to be just like last year, as far as our Trend Jumper trading goes.  We’re using the exact same tradeplans as over a year ago and they are still hitting new equity highs on a regular basis, doing today what they’ve been doing all along.  Winning!

Forex is posting huge gains.  You can see from the four pairs I summarized the other day.  Those four have gained even more just since then.  So many others though, too, are making a strong profit run to finish the year.

Yesterday, our daytrading was outstanding.

  • EURJPY (forex) 5 min chart gained +117 pips as a tight, low trade range pushed into rally mode.  Our stops and targets were perfectly placed and the forex daytrade plan that has gained over +9000 pips this year alone with this one pair had another triple digit gainer.
  • DAX futures had a modest gain of + 415 points.  But today, it came back strong with a +62.5 winning session, one trade!  That’s our favorite type of session.  That’s over 1560 euros, over $2000 US.
  • Crude oil futures; + 35 for $350
  • Dow eMini futures; +27 points for $135
  • Russell eMini futures; +1.9 for $190
  • ES (S&P eMini) futures; +1.75
  • Soybean futures; + 2.25
  • Soy many more..


This morning’s DAX futures Trade


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