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Whether you’re trading forex or futures, as long as the price is moving, the profits are there to be had and the Trend Jumper shows us how to get them.  Combined with smart tradeplan rules and top notch training, Trend Jumper Members have what they need to achieve positive, profitable results on a consistent basis.

Hopefully you’ve been following along with this blog.  If not, just go back in time and follow the thread of this continuing story.

Today, again, we were quitting with positive profitable results on just about all the markets we consistently follow:

  1. CADJPY 15 minute chart; I admit, this is NOT the same pair that is typically touted and traded by most forex daytraders.  But it daytrades great with Trend Jumper.  Today, US Session, + 50 pips
  2. DAX Futures; + 33.5 points
  3. Heating Oil Futures; + 39 ticks
  4. Unleaded Gas Futures; + 8 ticks
  5. Dow eMini 377 tick; + 9 points
  6. Dow eMini 5 min chart; + 29 points
  7. Crude Oil Futures (poq 1); + 51 ticks

Today’s CADJPY forex daytrade with MT4



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