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Forex, Futures, Stocks; Trade Results Posted Huge Gains Again and Lots of Profit Records Were Broken!

We had a huge run up again in equity again as most of our favorite tradeplans exploded to new record profit levels.  It’s hard to keep up on all of it but here is a partial list of this week’s Highlights:


  • EURJPY daytrade forex plan put together a decent week, gaining + 43 pips.  Last week it gained +207 pips
  • EURJPY eod (end of day) forex swingtrading closed positions this week, gaining + 988 pips in September
  • NZDJPY  eod forex swingtrading closed also, with + 775 pips
  • AUDJPY eod  forex swingtrading closed 3 live trades this week, gaining + 1540 total pips!
  • EURAUD eod forex swingtrading actually had a losing trade, – 464 pips.  But it just came off of an 8 trade winning streak and is up +5665 pips for the year, so far.  Can’t win them all, as much as we’d like to.
  • AUDCAD eod forex swingtrading closed 2 live trades this week, + 409 pips
  • CADJPY eod forex swingtrading closed 1 live trade this week, + 274 pips.  It ended September with + 930 pips; 3 winners
  • AUDUSD eod forex swingtrading closed a live trade this week for + 576 pips
  • GBPUSD eod forex is in THREE live trades right now.  Two of them have already + 886 pips with over + 500 locked in a still trailing
  • GBPAUD eod forex  just triggered in to a live trade today and has already hit its first target today, + 141 pips
  • AUDNZD eod forex is currently in a live short trade which we’ll just continue to hold to its conclusion.

That’s a partial list of 10 out of the 12 forex pairs that I have cut my eod swingtrade list down to.  There are other great forex pairs to trade as well; USDCAD, USDMXN, GBPCHF, CHFJPY, to name just a few.  Of the other two forex pairs on my list, GBPJPY and EURNZD remained flat.

Also of note, our FREE EURUSD forex tradeplan is in a winning trade currently up over +200 pips and has put together an impressive string of winners these past few months.  Our 4 hour forex tradeplans are also doing great.  In fact, so are the few 15 minute forex chart tradeplans we currently have.  There’s just too many good forex stories to report.  That’s a great problem to have.

How About Futures?  Well, it was an awesome week and there are SO many more great stories to report.  Here is a partial list of the highlights:

  • The FREE Dow eMini (YM) gained + 393 points for $1965.  Not too bad for FREE.  Get your copy.  Did you see the video walk-thru of the first four sessions, Mon thru Thu, posted the other day?  Scroll down a few posts and you’ll find it.
  • Our break and butter YM 377 tick also had a breakout week, hitting new profit levels.  It gained + 119 points
  • Crude Oil futures ended today with + 24 ticks.  See the live trade video tomorrow to see how it was done.  For the week, + 1.86 for $1860
  • Soybean futures had its first losing session on Thursday since I began tracking it Sept 9th.  It came back with a strong Friday though, one and done for + 6.5 points.   It ended the week up, + 11.75 points.  Friday’s live trade is also on the video you’ll see tomorrow.
  • Heating Oil Futures won again Friday to close the week very strong, one and done for + 135 ticks.  It ended the week + 327 ticks, $1,373 and has won the last 15 sessions in a row (3 complete weeks)!!
  • DAX Futures had a great week too.  It ended strong on Friday as well, + 28.5 points. 

There are so many more great examples.  I think I gave you enough though to get the idea.  The huge PTU Trend Jumper story continues to get better and better as we approach our one year anniversary.  It started strong.  It continued strong.  It is currently making new record profit levels across tons of markets, including stocks and options which we haven’t even touched upon yet.  Now, with the discovery of great new ways to use the Trend Jumper, including Renko and Momentum Swingtrades for stocks and options, 2014 is going to be another awesome year.  Make sure you are positioned to take advantage in your chosen markets.  Register for this week’s live PTU Trend Jumper Release party to see more.

We’ve got a super bonus we’re offering as well – every registrant who attends will receive trading software valued at $197 designed to improve your trading results – no matter what strategy you use.  The trading software, the recently updated Ultimate Trade Analyzer Express comes with a brand new training video for Q4 2013 as well.

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