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Forex Profits are Made in the Lesser Known Pairs

The Aussie forex pairs are hot and delivering profits all over the forex map with Trend Jumper Daily Swingtrade charts.  EURAUD has done it again, and fast!  After an extremely profitable drop in price over the last couple months, we were able to pick a couple winners on the reaction back up.  One of those winners was actually the short side again and now, the current winner that is still going, a long trade that roared quickly to its targets and is now trailing.

Check out the NEW setup that just triggered in with our FREE Trend Jumper Forex Swingtrade Strategy below.

  • EURAUD , a forex pair that is often overlooked, offers many profit targets over the past few days.  + 196 pips to primary target but hundreds of pips more if scaling out at the various target levels.  This trade is still trailing and has the potential for a whole lot more.

See Chart of Current EURAUD forex Trades



Here’s another example of a hot Aussie forex pair.  I showed this one a few posts ago.  The stop has held and if it breaks lower, our final position is poised to really rake it in.  Notice how we were on the right side of the long trade just prior to this short trade.  Direction doesn’t matter when your setups are based on pure price action, like the Trend Jumper.

AUDNZD; up + 153 pips to its primary target and way more if scaling out.  Forex gives you plenty of ways to customize your positions and Trend Jumper shows you how to do it and where to scale out (and in!!).



AUDUSD just gained + 146 to its full target, 3 days after triggering in.  The trailer got us out in the knick of time!



Our Trend Jumper FREE Forex Strategy, EURUSD, just triggered into a long trade today, on our Tradestation charts.  No one knows how it will end up but over the past 10 years it has kept on winning strong.  This also works on MT4 and Ninja Trader!!

The Entry was 1.3152

Target 1: 1.3241

Target 2: 1.3307

Target 3: 1.3506



Interestingly, on MT4 with Oanda as our forex broker, this FREE tradeplan got long a week earlier at 1.3116.  See diagram.  It is closing in on its first target at 1.3211 for a +95 pip gain.



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