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Forex Swing Trading; Swinging for the Fence

FOREX SWING TRADING with daily charts is back as we await for it to return across the wide range of forex pairs.  After going through several months of some of the lowest volatility and lack of movement that we’ve seen in a very long time, patient Trend Jumper forex swing trading has started to see some positive movement.  Not every pair is performing at this point but we’re hopeful this is an early sign of the return to more consistent trading.  We still have plenty of work left to do but you must start somewhere…A few highlights:

  • GBPUSD gains + 3356 pips from June to today  Year to date, this reliable forex swing trading pair is up + 2234 pips.  Life of tradeplan (from 2012 to current) + 10,943 pips
  • EURUSD (our FREE Trend Jumper strategy) is up big this year, too.  This dependable Trend Jumper tradeplan has won 71% of its trades for the last 12 years!  The last three trades gained over +1000 pips, courtesy of NetPicks and the PTU Trend Jumper FREE strategy
  • GBPJPY has gained a number of pips in the last few trades
  • Many more pairs are starting to awaken — it’s too early to tell if this will be a broader move but patience is probably the largest challenge when trading off of daily charts


I love the baseball analogy when it comes to forex swing trading with daily charts because it is so similar.  Take the 3 time World Champ SF Giants (my team) for example.  They were top in the league for the first 6 weeks or so and then they slumped for much of the next 3rd of the season.  The bats woke up and broke out, as we suspected they would, and they made an unbelievable run to win the championship.

This forex swing trading chart of GBPUSD shows over + 3100 pips gained in one strong trending move.  This is one big reason WHY we love the daily charts with Trend Jumper.


Trend Jumper forex swing trading is doing that very same thing.  It certainly tries one’s patience.  Daily charts give you ONE bar per day and only a few trades per month, per pair.  You have to remove yourself from time and just continue to execute your trades with the appropriate (small) risk we teach so that when the breakout moves occur, you can benefit from them and collect the profits that come rolling in and experience the equity growth.  THAT IS, forex swing trading with daily charts.  The tradeplan sees you through if you would just give it a chance to do so by sticking with it.

The GBPUSD was one of our best bats in the lineup experiencing a slump.  All great players go through these periods.  Like Pablo Sandoval who was terrible the first part of the season.  Now look at him!  3rd World Series Victory, nearly the MVP, huge hero, and poised to make a hefty 9 figure payoff!  Imagine if the Giants chased performance like so many losing traders, throwing the baby out with the bath water, and gave up on him when he was slumping.  I doubt they would have hit the payoff the way they did.  That’s baseball.  That’s also forex swing trading!

If the GBPUSD is Sandoval, then the GBPJPY is MadBum.  Check out the last three trades, which have gained over + 2770 pips and still going with a large winning trailer.


So that’s the start — a lot of work and recovery to go but we need to stay disciplined, control our risk and after that let the markets do what they need to do. 


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