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Forex Swingtrade Results are in for 2013

Trend Jumper Forex Swingtrades were extremely profitable for a 2nd year in a row.  Below are the results for the 12 pairs I follow.  There are a number of other pairs that were also excellent but I’ve mainly focused on the below 12 pairs.


NET Result for 2013, as per the forex end of day swingtrade tradeplan asdescribed in the Trend Jumper Owner’s Club:

+ 57,857

Here’s the net result of pips gained, based on the standard 4 position approach as taught in the Trend Jumper Owner’s Club:

  1. AUDJPY +2,660
  2. GBPUSD +6,211
  3. GBPAUD +12,201 (A trade from 2013 is still open and may change this result a little bit)
  4. EURAUD +10,587
  5. GBPJPY +1,838
  6. EURJPY +2,848
  7. AUDCAD +5,870
  8. CADJPY +2,769
  9. EURNZD +5,994
  10. AUDUSD +3,713
  11. NZDJPY +809 (Waiting for one last open trade to finish)
  12. AUDNZD + 2,379


Honorable Mention:

The free EURUSD forex Trend Jumper swingtrade plan had 18 trades in 2013, winning 72.2% and + 630 pips.  Full Trend Jumper Traders could have made even more with this tradeplan using some of the advanced techniques that are taught in the Owner’s Club.  Other forex strategies include 4 hour charts, 15 minute charts, renko and momentum bar charts as well as our highly effective daytrade plan for the EURJPY which uses a 5 minute chart.


2014 is off to a strong start with our EURJPY Forex daytrade plan, +330 pips already:

  • Jan 2nd, the first trading day of the year, + 166 pips
  • Jan 3rd, + 109 pips


Trading Forex is full of challenges resulting in losses for most traders.   One of the most common problems is the time commitment that is needed to consistently trade forex.  Forex markets practically trade around the clock, but obviously it is not possible to trade at all hours of the day.

The solution is to trade with daily bars.  It is such a simple solution yet so many traders resist these powerful charts.  The main reason that we constantly hear from people is that due to the size of the price bars, the risk is too large.  This is such a misunderstanding though.  The risk is purely dependent on the actual size of the position, not the price bar.  One of the great benefits to trading forex is the ability to customize the trade’s position size.  This brings up the importance of ‘micro’ lots.  Traders don’t realize how important the micro lot is for tuning the proper position size, especially with daily bars.  Of course you need a broker that allows for micro lots but there are some good ones out there that will accommodate you.  By the clever use of micro and mini lots, you can place reasonable size trades using the daily bar, no matter how much capital you have available to trade.

With daily bars, you only have to check your trades twice per day.  First, when the market closes each day, and then optionally, in the morning when you get up.  Each day when the market closes, you check your charts to place and manage trades.  In the morning, you check your charts again in case your trades have moved to a level that requires money management.  Using Trend Jumper, everything is cut and dry.  The tradeplan is clear and precise.  Just follow the dots and lines.  It’s rather simple.  Best of all, it completely neutralized the time consuming aspect to trading forex.  You really only need to commit about 15 minutes per day to succeed.  The above results prove this notion.  It’s not about how much time you spend trading.  It’s more about how much time you DON’T spend trading and how much time you get to spend ENJOYING LIFE!  We are looking forward to a banner year in 2014!!


  1. Are this results real??? If so, how can you achieve those one? I’m really surprised.

    • Marcelo, Yes. The results are based on the tradeplan that is taught in our private Owner’s Club, using Daily (end of day) charts, with Tradestation data. Other brokers/data providers would produce similar, yet different results. 2012 was a strong year as well.

  2. what was the total tics for CL, ES, TF, and NQ, thxs, Robert g……..

  3. Wolfgang Boeck says:

    Hi, I’m a FX-trader with a severe hearing handicap and searching for means to improve my trading results and to reduce the amount of time watching the monitor. Could not sufficiently understand your videos.
    Q1: are there readable instruction texts available to teach me how to use your trend jumper?
    Q2: This demonstrated 2013-profit is astonishing. Please inform me about the account-size at start of the year.
    Best / Wolfgang

    • Trend Jumper is very visual. There is readable documentation that describes the method, as well. As far as account size, if you wanted to do the full 4 position approach, you would be best starting with an account size of between $5k and $10k. You definitely need a broker that allows for micro lots to control your risk. This is critical. Never risk more than .75% to 1% on any trade. Let it grow over time. If you have a smaller account, you would use the same idea but just begin with the 2 position approach.

  4. Hi TJ,

    I’m chomping at the bit waiting for the webinar next Wednesday!!
    Quick question: I listened to an interview with you (Mark emailed a link out yesterday) and you referred to Seven Summits Trader. Is that the same thing as the Full Trend Jumper? If so, I hope that’s what you’ll be offering next week on the webinar.


  5. I am a new trend jumper purchaser. i bought the all platform system. I currently have an account with FXDD but since I wish to take advantage of some of the other investment types covered by Trend Jumper I will have to change brokers. I like the Trade Station presentation but it does not deal in mico accounts. Any advise of a good broker with a fairly easy to use buy/sell platform that handles all the trend jumper investment types, fair spreads, well managed and has micro’s?? I hate to learn a new platform but if it’s easy and I can place trades easily with a good brokers so be it. Thanks for your response.

    • Richard, it’s a great question but there are no one shoe fits all perfect choices. You have to mix and match. I think the best thing to do is to focus on the best charts first, which would be Tradestation or Ninja. I prefer TS but others prefer NT, so go with what you think is best. If you use TS, you get the tuition rebate so that would be my first choice. Use TS for futures. I like Oanda or FXCM for forex since they do offer micros and they are reputable. You will need a 3rd party trade management interface to really place trades correctly per the Trend Jumper strategy. I like Think or Swim is a good choice for futures, stocks/options and forex. They do offer micros if you choose their commission based pricing which could be a better deal depending on the size of your positions. Interactive brokers is a great choice too but they don’t offer micros. You can trade everything from one account but their data is no good and you’d need Ninja to interface along with a data provider. Hopefully that is enough info to help you sort things out. — TJ

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