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Forex Swingtrades; AUDNZD Posts a Large Gainer to Start the Year; Futures Daytrades Hit New Record Highs, Winning Across the Board!!

Swingtrading Forex is the way to go.  Daytrade futures, but swingtrade forex.  Sure, we have some excellent forex daytrade plans.  But how can one compare the forex daytrade plans with what we are able to do with our forex swingtrading?  You can spend hours each day, daytrading forex and if you get + 20 pips you’re good.  You’re lucky when you get + 100 pips, but it does happen.  With forex swingtrading however, we spend MUCH less time and make SO much more!

The AUDNZD forex pair posted nearly +3000 pips in profit last year, 2013.  I realize that the forex results posted for 2013 are eye popping and hard to believe.  To understand how such a claim is possible (+ 56,799 pips from the 12 pairs I follow in 2013), you need to look no further than the below forex chart.  Each of the forex pairs that contributed to the huge 2013 result, look pretty much like this one.  There are some big moves, there are some backfills, smaller moves and losses, too.  By using the forex charts we use, daily charts, Trend Jumper allows you to catch 1 to 3 huge moves that occur, typically, with each pair, each year.  These moves result in thousands of forex pips of profit, using the tradeplan and techniques taught in the Trend Jumper Owner’s Club.  Best of all, this is accomplished with very small risk per trade, AND, very little time investment; 15 minutes per day.

This forex chart shows the most recent trade, one of the first of 2014.  The AUDNZD has already hit two of its targets and the stops should be moved to lock in 1 pip to completely eliminate the risk of the two remaining positions.  This forex swingtrade plan is taught, along with additional advanced forex training, in the Trend Jumper Member’s Club.


In Case you missed the earlier post, here are last year’s forex results again.  There was a small change in the AUDNZD which did change the results a little bit.  There was a trade that actually triggered in on Dec 31st that wasn’t finished yet, by the time of the earlier post.  That trade you can see on the above chart and was a small loss.  I’ve updated the results to reflect that small change.  Also, the GBPAUD lost its final trade, that was still open when I last posted the results, so I have updated that one too.

Last Year’s Forex Swingtrade Results:

  1. AUDJPY +2,660
  2. GBPUSD +6,211
  3. GBPAUD +11,401
  4. EURAUD +10,587
  5. GBPJPY +1,838
  6. EURJPY +2,848
  7. AUDCAD +5,870
  8. CADJPY +2,769
  9. EURNZD +5,994
  10. AUDUSD +3,713
  11. NZDJPY +809 (Waiting for one last open trade to finish)
  12. AUDNZD + 2,099

Results  of Today’s Futures Daytrades:

  • Dax Futures gain + 44.5 points, one and done for its 16th winning session in a row and new profit levels again!
  • Dow eMini Futures; + 9 points
  • Soybean Futures, + 2.5 points
  • Heating Oil Futures, + 239 ticks, one and done!  This is why we put up with the low volume Heating Oil Futures’ challenges.  The rewards DO come. + $1000 today.
  • S&P eMini Futures, + 4.75 points, one and done
  • Russell eMini Futures, + 2.3, one and done
  • Crude Oil Futures, +.32 for $320
  • Nasdaq eMini Futures, + 4 Points


See Today’s Heating Oil Trade that grabbed + 239 ticks for $1,003


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