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Forex Swingtrades Continue to Hit the Big Profits with Across the Board with Trend Jumper

Our forex trading has been simply amazing with Trend Jumper.  I receive numerous testimonials each week from happy new members who are banging down large gains.  The profits from the past two posts continue to climb with every passing day.  Since the last major Trend Jumper release, forex swingtrades are up literally THOUSANDS of pips, and that is NO exaggeration.  Check out your charts with the list of pairs over the past two posts and see where how the price has continued along the same trajectory.  We are still trailing some of those positions!

That was just a partial list of the hot forex pairs we are trading with Trend Jumper though.  Here are some more result totals for 2013 so far:

  • AUDCHF is up over +1500 pips so far this year on just a handful of trades and it has two positions still trailing.
  • GBPNZD is up over +3500 pips and still trailing two positions
  • GBPUSD + 3330 pips and still trailing a long position with zero risk and locked in profit.
  • AUDJPY + 1875 pips with 3 open trailers that have over +1000 pips locked in and still going!
  • CADJPY + 4196 pips closing out of a +691 pip trade 3 days ago and is currently flat.

See the last six CADJPY forex trades dating back to early March.  The CADJPY continues to be on of the hottest forex pairs, gaining incredible profits, thousands of pips in 2012 and thousands more already in 2013 with Trend Jumper! 

CADJPY 061313

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