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Forex Swingtrading Also Hitting Big Profits Early in 2014

Forex swingtrading requires patience.  We have to remove ourselves from time and space sometimes and just let it do what it does.  Especially with daily charts.  There have only been a few setups this month, so far, but they have been very good ones.

We looked at the AUDNZD forex pair not too long ago.  Since then, we have hit our 3rd target which added another +246 pips of profit to the trade.  Moreover, the stop has over +150 pips locked in with the potential for a whole lot more.  An addon trade just triggered in.  While this pair looks week, we’re not going to count our eggs before they hatch.  We’ll just let this play out like we would with any other trade.


The forex pair AUDNZD is in a hot live trade.  This is a forex pair that is often overlooked but it continues to bring in big profits with our standard forex swingtrade approach.



Another very profitable trade that triggered in and then within just 2 bars, zoomed through all three targets is the forex pair, CADJPY.  There have not been very many forex swingtrade setups this year but sometimes its all about quality, not quantity.  +329 pips of profit in just two days with the remaining position poised to make a whole lot more with ZERO risk.


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