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Forex Swingtrading with Trend Jumper; + 3308 Pips in 2013 Already!

Our forex swingtrading continues to be excellent.  In the prior post I updated some results using a variation to our tradeplan.  I wanted to update you on a very exciting pair that is often overlooked or not thought about, the EURNZD.

I just completed a 90 minute Advanced Training Video on how exactly to trade using the 4 position variation, the same one that produced the results in the prior post.  I will be updating more pairs soon but until then, I wanted to show you the latest EURNZD trade that is already up + 1998 pips with three open positions that have various amounts of guaranteed profits locked in with the trailer.

I think this forex trade will post an addition +1000 pips before it ends. 



  1. How can I get this trend jumper and how much does it cost? Thank you.

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