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Forex Walk-Thru, Both Daytrades and Swingtrades


Forex is a unique market that trades 24 hours per day.  Here at the PTU Trend Jumper don’t believe in being married to the markets not stop, day in and day out however and in fact, we feel it is the long hours of forex that make it so difficult to succeed at.  We have solved that problem though with the use of smart forex tradeplans that focus on trading only the most productive times of the day coupled with some very smart tradeplans and effective forex trade strategies.

I’ve been getting a lot of requests for a new forex video so I thought I’d cover a lot of ground with this one.  In this video, I walk thru the entire week of daytrading the EURJPY with our 5 minute chart.  I explain our approach in great detail, discussing how we deal with small trade setups and how we use price momentum with the use of multiple profit levels to really take advantage of this dynamic market.  I also look at some forex end of day swingtrades.  We’ll look at some current trades along with a recap of the annual results of the list of 12 that I follow.  Also, we’ll talk about risk levels and the need to look at the big picture when trading a daily chart.  Daily charts are my favorite way to trade forex because it only requires about 15 minutes per day of screen time.  We literally can take advantage of a 24 hour trading market with only a few minutes per day of actual time invested in the markets.  In my opinion, it is by far the best way to trade forex.  Traders should gain some valuable insight from the topics covered in this video.

Watch this past week’s forex trades as well as an in depth look at some recent forex swingtrades with the PTU Trend Jumper trading system.





  1. This part i dont understand, why are there so many coloured trade.? White, Blue, Yellow and Pink

    • Desmond, the colors indicate different types of setups. Each setup has its own rules that qualify it as a valid setup. The colors help us quickly know what kind of setup it is.

  2. You used to have Trend Jumper available for MY4.

    Do you still have it?

    If so, how much?

    Thanks and have a great evening

    Marius Corbin

  3. Hi TJ,
    I have done the trial and am pretty impressed with PTU TJ’s set-ups but I want to know if it is right for me, considering;
    – I am looking to swing trade or end of day trades ( trades valid for one day )
    – trading only forex on MT4
    – on time zone of GMT +4


    • Adi,

      I’m not sure what you mean, trades valid for only one day. That’s what daytrading is, not swing trading. Swing trading holds over more than one day. Trend Jumper is great with daily charts, where you check your charts once each day and place your trades. It does work on MT4. Time zone shouldn’t matter but as per our training, you would want to go through some preliminary backtesting steps to hone in on the most productive pairs and to build your confidence and knowledge of the strategy.

      Here’s the purchase link in case you’re interested. Check it out and see if it is what you want.

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