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Free Dow eMini Strategy Keeps Winning; Futures Daytrades Hit New Record Profit Levels Across the Board

The Free Trend Jumper YM futures plan gave us a very attractive start to the week.  In fact, all our futures daytrading ended very strong today with many of our favorite markets hitting new record profit levels again.

  • FREE Trend Jumper Dow eMini (YM) futures gained + 43 points, one and done.
  • Dow eMini futures 377 tick did even better, one and done for + 50 points.
  • Crude Oil futures, power of quitting 2, gained +1.05 for $1050.
  • Heating Oil futures was one and done with + 23 ticks and + 22 winning sessions in a row
  • Soybean futures gained + 1 points on a mixed, choppy market
  • Russell eMini futures was one and done for +3.5 points, $350
  • NQ futures gained + 5.5 points


See Crude Oil Futures Trades Today as traded in the Live Traderoom



Free Trend Jumper YM futures trade



Trend Jumper’s Signature YM futures 377 tick Chart Tradeplan Gained + 50 points today and hit all new Record Profit Levels dating all the way back to Nov 5, 2012.  It continues to hit new record profit levels 1 out of every 5 sessions, on average, as traded every day in the LIVE Traderoom.



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