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Friday’s Live Crude Oil Futures Trades Teach Us A Lot

Friday ended a very lucrative week again trading Crude Oil futures with the Trend Jumper.  New equity highs were reached again, as we are now a few weeks into our 2nd straight year of trading this very same tradeplan, each and every day.  Today hit we hit our goals with the first two trades of the plan, finishing the session with + 37 ticks, $370.

In the below video, you will see exactly how it was done.  I talk through my decision making process and discuss in greater depth part of my trade philosophy which gives me the foundation I need to stay the course and continue to succeed with the Trend Jumper.  While the Trend Jumper gives me structure and organization on the chart with great setups, it’s actually the combination of that, with smart tradeplan rules, money management rules and a bigger perspective that comes from philosophy that has MAKE MONEY baked into every trade decision I make.

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