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Futures and Forex; Another Strong Trading Day

Forex and futures continue to win for us.  The most reassuring thing of all is that this post sounds a lot like the first posts from over a year ago and just about every post since.  The consistency continues and even though I see it nearly every day, it still never ceases to amaze me.

Dax Futures; + 3.5 (after winning 23 sessions in a row and then finally losing one yesterday, it comes back with a new winning session)

Soybean Futures; + 7 points; Soybean futures have been hot lately.  Today was another one and done session taking just 15 minutes for $350.

S & P eMini Futures (ES); + 1.75; our S&P futures plan has been winning 69% of its trades this year and has amassed + 51 points already with very minimal trading.  Today, one for two.

Russell eMini Futures (TF); + 1.9 (two trades); $190

Crude Oil Futures (CL); + 78 (Two Trades); $780

Heating Oil Futures (HO); + 54 ticks; the 4th one and done session in a row.  Today, $226

Dow eMini Futures (YM) + 14; The YM is always difficult the first few weeks of the year and this year is no different.  The 5 minute freebie plan has been kicking butt.  The 377 tic is holding its own too.

EURJPY; + 14 pips; one and done for a modest gain today

I don’t typically follow the Nasdaq eMini Futures (nq) or Natural Gas Futues (NG) because I am already pretty well saturated with markets and tradeplans that I follow every day but both those futures markets were also nice winners today.  Wheat Futures, Gold Futures, Corn Futures, Currency Futures, Bond Futures are all viable markets to trade with the Trend Jumper but we’re having so much ongoing success with the above listed markets that I just can’t find a reason to look at anything else; mainly because I run out of day before I run out of opportunities.

Forex swingtrades have been on fire too.  I’ll try to get a post up soon with some of the newest trades:  NZDAUD, CADJPY, GBPAUD, EURAUD, EURJPY, AUDJPY and AUDUSD, each in my list of 12, are all in winning trades right now.


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