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Futures and Forex Hit BIG Profits Again; All New Profit Levels — So Many Great Stories..

Futures?  Forex?  Both!!  Daytrading futures and swingtrading forex.  That’s MY mix and a great way to diversify and to benefit from the unique strengths while avoiding their respective unique pitfalls.

We had a spectacular week again.  So many great stories it’s hard to know where to begin.  If you are already a Trend Jumper Member then you know what I’m talking about.  If you are not, or are still considering Trend Junper, you had best hurry!  You have a few more days before it is pulled off the market.

We need to work with all our new members who just came on board, which is why we control the release of our strategies with limited time offerings.  Our membership just swelled to new levels as did our trade profits.  Markets are very dynamic and moving excellent and the Trend Jumper is putting us in front of all the great moves that are occurring.

Here are some Futures daytrade rusults:

  • YM:  One and done again today for its 15th winning session in a row and all new profit levels!  Today, + 20 points and + 79 points for the week.
  • TF:  This one I am waiting until April but it has been producing well. Today it was one and done for +4.3
  • Unleaded Gas:  Huge Week.  + 385 ticks today.  + 681 ticks for the week.  17 winning sessions in a row!
  • Heating Oil:  + 75 ticks today. +215 ticks for the week.
  • DAX:  + 28 points; + 62 points for the week
  • Crude Oil:  +.40 with two winners.  Week is up + 66 and new profit levels.

That’s just a sampling.  There are so many markets and opportunities.  I can’t possibly follow all of them.  Quick looks at Nat Gas, Euro Futures, NQ, etc., also producing winners.

Forex Swingtrades have been spectacular.  I woke up this morning to lots of profits on new trades that just triggered in and longer holds that have been trailing for a while.  My cummulative open position net profit was up over 2550 pips this morning.  What a great way to wake up.

There were some losing trades too.  That happens!  But the winners are dwarfing the losers and that’s what Successful Profitable Trading is all about!

Here are some results of Trend Jumper Forex swingtrades that just triggered in this week:

  • AUDJPY; Hit Full target on the primary trade AND addon trade.  + 315 pips and + 149 pips.  Both positons trailing for potential homerun move.


  • USDCAD; finally closed for a great gain; +339 pips; MT4 version with Oanda quotes made nearly 4 x more with a variety of great setups allowing a trader the chance to really build a position for this explosive move.
  • NZDJPY; + 115 pips and trailing the rest, risk free
  • USDCHF; near full target on both positions and 1/3 of potentila profit already locked in
  • GBPUSD; up hundreds of pips to full target when it broke through longterm support.  The trailer has +588 pips and running for a real grandslam winner.  Addon trade just hit its first target too.
  • USDJPY; full winner in two days.  + 277 pips!  Trailing 2nd half at risk free for potenital huge move.  I haven’t talked much about the USDJPY but it is up +2835 pips since beginning of 2012 to date!
  • AUDNZD; close to full target.  Just missed by a few pips and currently has 25% of its potential locked in with our dynamic stop mgt technique.
  • EURUSD; in a cluster of positions with huge profits.  Hundreds of pips booked with hundreds more locked in.  See Diagram.


There are a lot more!  You get the idea.  Make sure you grab your copy of the Trend Jumper so that you can join in on all the profitable fun.  Don’t forget, we teach you this hands-on, in our live real time traderoom.

Get the Trend Jumper while prices are still low.  With the winning track record that this strategy consistently has produced, it is way under priced at this point in time.




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