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Futures and Forex; Huge Gains This Week Across the Board with Trend Jumper

Both our futures and forex trading with Trend Jumper continues to be stellar as we hit all new record profit levels on many of our favorite markets this week.  As we approach the week of only the 2nd release ever of the Trend Jumper to the public, I thought it would be helpful to show how we did on the many markets I am either trading or carefully tracking.  Here’s a list:

(gross totals are based on standard two position approach and do not include commission or slippage)

  • Crude Oil Futures; Gained + .73 for $730 yesterday and  finished the week up +1.28 for $1280 and new profit levels since October 1st, + 26.45.


  • Unleaded Gas Futures; Finished yesterday up + 127 ticks with just one trade, $533.  Another big week, gaining +393 ticks for $1650.  I think its at new profit levels or close to it but I am a few days behind in updated my spreadsheet.  Over 5,500 ticks for sure since beginning of November at $4.20 per tick.
  • Heating Oil Futures; Modest gains yesterday, +44 ticks at $4.20 per tick like Unleaded Gas.  We finished the week up + 115 ticks and all new record profit levels of +5896 ticks since start of November.
  • Dow eMini (YM); Gained +18 points yesterday for $90.  However, it ended the week very strong, +129 points which is great for a 4 day trading week.  Especially since it did it with just 8 trades, winning 6 of them.  All new profit levels reached too.
  • DAX Futures (Euro Session); Grabbed a modest +4.5 points yesterday but ended the week with an outstanding +98 points!  That’s €25 per point, €2,450 during European daytrade hours.  All new record profit levels reached each day this week.
  • Wheat Futures; One trade for + 2 points yesterday, $100.  Big weekly gain though, + 27.75 points with two larget trades of +12 points and +9.5 points.  In fact, this week we won 5 out of 6 trades and hit all new record profit levels.

Many of our other favorite markets did great too, but that’s all I got for you at this point.  it’s a good cross section covering a broad range of choices to daytrade.  Notice the consistency in steady winners and new profit levels.  That’s what we’ve seen since day one.

FOREX ths Week (based on the standard two position approach, spread costs have been factored in)

  1. Forex trading has been outstanding.  I already showed you many of the winning trades I personally was in this week.  Friday ended with many of them still in progress but cummulatively, I was up + 1450 pips in my open positions only.  I already closed out of many at full target with the first part of my trade.  You’ll find the totals of those trades a couple posts down.
  2. USDCAD hit a full target yesterday (Friday) for +158 pips
  3. GBPNZD has past its 2nd target, is in a risk free positon and looks poised to hit its full target soon.  It’s up +157 per position so far.
  4. EURUSD hit its full target for +180 pips and trailing.  An addon trade is in progress, currently up +70 pips per position
  5. AUDUSD hit its full target this week for +80 pips.  The trailer stopped out for +25 pips
  6. You saw the GBPJPY the other day hit its target for +150 pipsThe trailer is still going and is currently up +309 pips.
  7. Same thing with GBPUSD.  Full target reached for big gains.  The trailer has the potential for even larger gains as major support has given way.  Currently holding +353 in gains.

Here is a look at the Tradestation version of his forex trade.



Here is the same forex trade on MT4.



More Current Forex Trades

  1. GBPAUD, same deal.  Big profit reached but potentially larger trailer, currently holding +282 pips
  2. AUDCHF is up +55 pips after hitting its full target.  A new position was added and is positive already, too.
  3. NZDUSD has a short pending, still not triggered in.
  4. AUDCAD addon position hit its full target yesterday for +80 pips.  Trailer is at risk free on both the original and addon positions now.
  5. USDCHF has hit its first target on the original position with an addon getting long two days ago.  Currently up over +60 pips per position on first trade, and a tiny bit above its entry on the addon.
  6. USDJPY has a setup for Monday
  7. EURNZD had some partial winners this past week with a new short setup for Monday
  8. AUDNZD close to stopping out for a loss so we’ll see how that goes.
  9. NZDCAD with a long setup for Monday

Anyway, you get the point.  Plenty of action with the daily charts and excellent, consistent results.  Whether you are trading forex or futures, Trend Jumper consistently puts everything into context, with precise entries, targets, stops, trade management rules and nuts to bolts training which includes a live trade room, where you can MASTER the strategy step by step.  There is NO better way to trade in my humble opinion.

Give your forex and futures trading the best chance of success and register for the Trend Jumper Limited Release, this Thursday, February 28th.

See you there!  Register today!

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