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Futures and Forex Trading Rings it up Again; More Profits — New Record Levels!!

  • Unleaded Gas Futures; one and done today for + 74 ticks
  • Heating Oil Futures; one and done for + 79 ticks
  • Crude Oil Futures, one and done for + 30 ticks; 2nd trade was a 1 tick gainer and had us quitting with our power of quitting goals
  • Dow eMini Futures; one and done today for + 40 points
  • Russell eMini was either one and done or two and done depending on if your going with poq1 or poq 2; + 4.2 points or + 8 points
  • Dow eMini Futures 5 Minute Chart (Free Strategy); winning big as of this writing.  First target hit for + 50 points, the 2nd target hit +  68 points, and the trailer is still going!!


We’ve got a variety of Forex trades working too.  Some are past all three of their targets and are continuing to trail for larger gains.  Others have just triggered in and or are at various stages of development.  Here are some examples:

  • EURAUD continues to be a great pair to be trading.  It has hit all three targets for + 114, + 155 and + 196 pips.  The trailer has over + 120 pips locked in and is poised for a larger move if it continues to rally.
  • AUDNZD also continues to ring the register for us.  It too has hit all three of its targets for + 74, +115, and + 153.  It is still trailing with over +100 pips locked in AND two addon short trades which could result in a huge winner.  It will have to break through support at 1.2140 to hit the addon trade objectives but the first target is right there so we’ll be able to manage our risk and we do have the big winner still going to protect us anyway.  These are the kind of trades we WANT to be in.
  • AUDUSD after hitting a quick winning long trade for + 70, + 108, + 146 and + 34 on the trailer, it has now triggered into a short trade and is moving lower.
  • GBPAUD has been long for a few days and is moving higher.
  • USDJPY is long and moving towards its first target.

That’s just a few forex examples.  You can be quite active with daily charts.  The trick is to NOT use all the leverage that brokers give you.  That’s a quick way to bust out.  SMALL risk on each trade will do the trick.  Let your account grow over time.   As it grows, keep the risk proportionately small.

Trend Jumper is STILL available!  Get it while it is on the market.  The price is low and the bonuses are valuable.  Today, new Trend Jumper Owners could have already paid the cost of the strategy just by today’s futures daytrades.  If not the full cost than pretty darn close to it.  In fact, we’re getting reports that some traders have used their winnings on the FREE YM Trend Jumper Strategy to actually pay for their full Trend Jumper strategy and membership.  Judging by today’s FREE YM trade, one could see how that is not too hard to achieve.


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