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Best Futures Day Trading Market for the Busy Trader

What is the best futures day trading choice for the busy trader? Let’s face it.  Futures day trading is fun but so is touring the wine country.  We don’t trade for fun.  We trade to make money so that we can get away from our desk and then GO have fun.  The faster, the better!

There are many great choices

… but this one particular futures day trading market will often have you in, out and done in a matter of minutes.  In fact, sometimes you could be done in ONE minute or lessToday, it took 5 minutes to hit its 1st target.  It proceeded to hit an optional extended target 3 minutes later.  Finally, the trailing position found its exit 10 minutes after that.  A slow, drawn out trade actually, lasting a full 22 minutes.

So what is this fast and effective futures day trading market?  It’s not what you might expect.

Soybean futures!

Interestingly, it trades much like the ES, only a gazillion times easier.

  • Each point is worth $50.
  • A tick is $12.50.
  • Unlike the ES, you typically get filled at your target and don’t have to fight against the likes of Goldman Sachs and other monsters who are out to bury you.

Soybean futures day trading is made all the easier with Trend Jumper, which has put together an impressive long term record trading this market.

  • Today, we ended with + 3.25 points (not counting the optional extended target.  If we count that, then it made + 7.25.)
  • One and done, hitting our goals in less than 25 minutes.
Soybean futures day trading gets you in and out of the market quickly, so that you can be on your way in pursuit of the other enjoyments life has to offer.


I started tracking the Trend Jumper soybean futures day trading plan back in Sept, 2013.  Over a year ago.  I only tracked the 1st target and trailer.  Time has shown that the optional bigger target would have been a worthy addition to the plan.  Yet, just the two positions alone continues to grow equity.

Check out the equity curve since Sept 2013 to today, Nov 3rd, 2014


We trade Soybean futures with the exact same plan we use for all our other favorite futures day trading markets.  The list above is just a sample of what one could trade with the Trend Jumper.  This one, simple to learn tradeplan is so versatile, we use it with forex, stocks/options, swing trading, day trading and long term position trading.

To learn how to prosper with futures day trading, using the powerful and profitable Trend Jumper, be sure to sign up for one of our upcoming demo webinars.


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