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Futures Day Trading Posts New Profit Levels Again

Our futures day trading delivered big prizes to us today.  In fact, all week our futures day trading have been hitting new equity highs, using our steady, tried and true tradeplans with the Trend Jumper.  If you have been following this blog, that should come as no surprise.  It has been the general theme all along.  We show up, follow our tradeplans, run our futures day trading business and continue to be rewarded.

Our forex day trading has also been paying us off but forex requires slow, ice in your veins, patience because sometimes that market just does not move enough and will lull you to sleep.  That’s why so many of us professional ‘home’ traders prefer futures day trading to forex.  Swing trading is another matter and is what I believe to be the best way to trade forex, but that’s another story and another post.

Here are the results from our futures day trading Trend Jumper tradeplans today:

  • DAX; + 79 points for 1975 Euros !! (yesterday it grabbed + 29.5 points)
  • Heating Oil Futures; + 62 ticks for $260 (yesterday, + 79 ticks)
  • Russell eMini; + 2.8 points for $280 (yesterday it fought its way back to a Break Even result, + .1)
  • Dow eMini; + 17 points (yesterday it grabbed + 42 points)
  • Soybean Futures; + 10 points for $500.  (Yesterday it grabbed + 3 points)
  • Crude Oil Futures still duking it out.  So far, it is down – .25.  Yesterday it finished up, + .17.  We’re not too concerned with this one.  It is a few trades off of its all time equity high.


See the DAX futures day trading result that made will over $2000 today, one and done


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