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Futures Daytrades Continues to Win a High Percentage of its Sessions Across Multiple Markets

As we trade our way to the end of the Dawg Days of August, we can be extremely encouraged by how well the Trend Jumper has self-adjusted to the summer market conditions.  In short, the results have been steady and consistent winners on a session to session AND week to week basis across just about ALL our favorite markets.

The tradeplans that we have been following since day one, continue to work and continue to hit new record profit levels steadily and surely.

Here are a few examples:

  • Crude Oil futures finished yesterday with + .48 for $480Today it grabbed another + .97 for $970!  It finished last week up + 1.23 for $1230.  It won 4 out of 5 sessions last week.  Today it broke out to new profit levels dating back all the way to last October, 2012.  It continues to win 89% of its sessions and 85% of its weekly totals.
  • Heating Oil futures finished yesterday with + 62 ticks for $260 and today with +64 ticks.  How’s that for consistency?  Last week it ended up + 539 ticks for $2455.  It won all five of last week’s sessions and is also maintaining the high session and weekly win rate.
  • Soy Bean futures is a market I have begun to follow with great interest and it continues to be a very fast and robust tradeplan.  Usually one can finish the session positive in just a few minutes.  Yesterday, one trade gained + 2.5 points and was done in THREE minutes.   The next two trades were also winners for those wanting to keep trading.  Same thing today.  One trade and done with + 2.25 points in 29 seconds!!
  • The Dow eMini futures (YM) won its last two sessions as well and is hitting new profit levels from a tradeplan dating back to last year.
  • Other winning markets we love include the Russell eMini futures, DAX futures, Nat Gas futures and many others.
  • On the Forex side of things, we have many great opportunities.  Today, our signature daytrade plan for the EURJPY gained + 36 pips and was done with one, straight forward trade.


See Today’s Soybean futures trade that hit its full target perfectly and had us in and out in less than 40 seconds!  The 2nd and third trades were also full winners but we like the one and done approach.



Check out Today’s EURJPY trade that grabbed + 36 pips, as called live in the traderoom.



Here’s a look at Today’s Russell eMini futures trade using our 1 Point Momentum bar chart and tradeplan.  It gained +3.4 points for $340.


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