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Futures Do it Again with Profits Across the Board Today

It was a great day at the office today, as our futures daytrades posted record profit levels again.  Our EURJPY daytrade plan also was positive today.  Here’s the rundown:

  • DAX Futures; + 21 points (yesterday it gained +13 and is on a 20 session winning streak!)
  • Heating Oil Futures; + .39, one and done
  • Russell eMini Futures (TF); +3.3
  • S &P eMini Futures (ES); +1.75
  • EURJPY; +22 pips
  • Soybean Futures, + 8 points
  • Dow eMini Futures (YM); +24 points
  • Crude Oil Futures would have been very positive but one of the trades moved too fast so I didn’t count it.  Instead of a big winning day we had to settle for a small losing day; -.24.  Those that kept trading caught some nice winners later in the session.
  • Nasdaq eMini Futures (NQ) was positive.  I don’t really actively follow this one but I look at it with interest and it keeps winning.  There are simply too many great trading markets to follow but the above is a nice mix and continues to prosper.

See Today’s Soybean Futures trades today, that grabbed + 8 points for $400.  All three soybean futures trades took a total of 75 minutes.


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