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Futures Do it Again with Trend Jumper Today

We had a very successful Trend Jumper launch yesterday and the markets teased the new members who are now in the process of getting set up, by delivering some pretty strong gains on many of our favorite markets again.

  • The Dow eMini continued its winning ways with another easy one and done session, giving us + 37 points for an excellent end to a fabulously profitable week.  We ended up winning 6 out of 7 trades for +136 points this week, $680.


  • The Russell also finished a great week.  Today it too was one and done for  +3.4 points.  This week it won 5 out of 6 trades and finished with +13.5 points, $1350.
  • DAX during the Euro session gained + 29.5 points and was one and done today.  Excellent trade!
  • Crude Oil futures gave us a quick winner this morning and we decided to call it quits after the one solid winner.  I’ve been doing that more and more lately with crude, quitting after one good solid winner.  The market was showing early signs of choppy action and we wanted to finish the week strong and go into the weekend with 5 winning sessions in a row and a 12 session winning streak.  It was a good decision too because the choppy action did come.  We took +.37 ticks today and + 1.48 for the week.
  • Unleaded finished with one and done today, grabbing +130 ticks for $546.  It finished the week winning 6 out of 7 trades for + 579 ticks, $2431.
  • Heating Oil was the sole problem child today, struggling early on.  It ultimately fought its way back to nice positive result though with some late session trades.  It ended up + 78 ticks and won its 77th out of 79 trades!  It finished the week up, +364 points and finished Februarly up, +649 ticks.
  • Wheat saved the best trade for last, finally stopping out at the very moment I am writing this post.  It gained +8.75 points to finish the week.  It was basically flat for the week until this final trade.  Sometimes the chips fall like that.  It ended up +8.5 points, $425 and new profit levels.


Forex trades are in various stages of progression, some with the trailers still going.  Additional profits will get locked in on a number of open positions by the end of today.  Be careful not to place new trades too close to the markets opening Sunday.  Check your spreads and wait for them to normalize prior to placing new positions.

Increased profits are occurring on the EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD, GBPJPY and USDCHF.  New trades have triggered in or are about to.  Some trades are under pressure too.  There’s a mix of everything, depending on what trades and markets one is trading.  I tend to take them all.  Cummulatively, my open positions are up over +1100 pips at this exact point in time.  With daily charts you just have to be patient, keep the risk small on every trade and let the trades do what they do.  Over time, the pips continue to pile up and the account continues to grow.

Welcome NEW Trend Jumper Members!!  I’m looking forward to seeing you in the live traderoom this week.  Have a great weekend!!

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