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Futures & Forex End September with a Big Profit Bang! One and Done on Most Markets Today

Our Trend Jumper futures trading gave us our winning quitting goals fast and easy today on many of our favorite markets, ending September strong and starting the new week on the right track.

Futures Profits Today

  • Crude Oil futures was one and done with +.48 for $480.  Power of Quitting 2 traders, those who’s tradeplans require 2 winners also ended strong with + .51 on three trades.
  • YM Dow eMini futures 377 tick was one and done with +31 points for $155
  • YM FREE Strategy also, one and done today, + 42 Points for $210
  • Heating Oil futures was one and done with its 16th winning session in a row, + 65 ticks for $273
  • TF Russell eMini was one and done for + 2 points, $200
  • NQ Nasdaq eMini was 2 out of 3 for + 11 Points, $220
  • Soybean Futures traded to Break Even Today, after winning 14 or the last 15 sessions.
  • Our old friend, Wheat futures seems to be coming back alive and was profitable today on both charts we like to follow, the 200 tick and the 5 tick momentum range bar.


Our forex daytrade was also one and done, EURJPY gaining + 51 pips.


Forex Swingtrades have been keeping us very active.  Here are a couple highlights, following up from the larger results post a couple days ago.  If you didn’t see that one, check it out below.

  • We are currently in a very profitable GBPUSD forex trade, just adding a 2nd add-on trade (3rd trade).  The first two have hit all their targets and are still trailing, up over + 1000 pips.  The new 3rd position just hit its 1st target for another + 92 pips!  The rest of the position is now at Breakeven, as we move our stops more aggressively with a 2nd add-on position.
  • EURUSD Free forex Strategy is currently up +227 pips with a trailer that is rising with  + 60 pips locked in.


See GBPUSD Forex Swingtrade



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