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Futures Leap to Record Profit Levels Again as Trend Jumper Wins Across the Board Today

Even though today was a US holiday, Veteran’s Day, the Trend Jumper really delivered the goods today with our futures trading.  Every market (at least all the markets and tradeplans we follow) quit with winners today.

  • Crude Oil futures; + 27 ticks for $270
  • Crude Oil futures (Renko Beta Test); + 95 ticks for $950
  • Dow eMini futures (YM) 377 tick; + 29 points for $145
  • Dow eMini futures (YM) Free 5 min plan; +22 points; $110
  • Russell eMini futures (TF); +3.3 for $330
  • S & P eMini futures (ES); + 1.75 points
  • Heating Oil futures (HO); + 84 ticks for $352
  • Soybean futures (S); + 2.25 points; $112.50
  • Dax Futures; + 19 points for $475 Euros
  • Nasdaq eMini futures (NQ); + 10.25 points
  • Nat Gas Futures; + 18 ticks; $180
  • EURJPY Forex 5 min daytrade plan; + 29 pips

What a day!  Advanced Training Bootcamp attendees will learn some brand new Trend Jumper tradeplans and techniques later this month.


  1. troy mazzella says:

    Will you guys be coming out with a trend jumper that utilizes the renko bars, and if so when will this program be available? Thank you.


    • Trend Jumper Pro is already renko enabled. Once you learn the Trend Jumper, you are offered the opportunity to take our Advanced Bootcamp which then opens up the TJ Pro and automation for attendees.

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