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Futures Markets Post Strong Daytrade Results Again

Today, Wed Sept 25th, 2013, we hit all new profit levels on almost every market we like to trade again.  This is the time of year we love and it is playing itself out again, posting strong gains across the board.  Here’s what we did in the Live Traderoom today:

  • Crude Oil Futures finished strong with + 77 ticks, $770
  • Dow eMini futures was one and done again with + 35 points, $175
  • Soybean Futures had its 13th winning session in a row for + 11.75 points, $587
  • Heating Oil Futures had its 13th winning session in a row, going 2 for 4, + 33 ticks
  • Someone pointed out Wheat Futures, which I have replaced with Soybeans but when we took a look, it too, was one and done today with a full winner to start the slow session.
  • DAX Futures were one and done again today for a large + 28.5 points, 712 Euros!  About $1000 in US, one trade and done.  All new record profit levels for the tradeplan.
  • Russell eMini Futures finished with  + 2.1 points, $210 using a simplified tradeplan and a one point Momentum Range bar.  We only use ONE of the Trend Jumper setups which has really simplified trading the Russell eMini Futures contract.
  • Nat Gas Futures, which only casually follow, using a 233 tick chart was one and done with + 10 ticks, $100.  This could be a good option for small accounts wanting to start out with futures.
  • NQ (Nasdaq eMini Futures) was one and done using our regular 610 tick chart was one and done, + 7 Points for $140.

What else?  There are just so many opportunities with the Trend Jumper.  We follow a great cross section of many different markets and timeframes.  As you can see, the Trend Jumper works.  This is just one session but go back and review the archives of this blog and you’ll see the same theme running through the entire history of the Trend Jumper.  We also looked at a few other charts for fun and they all would have quit with winners today too.  Gold futures, silver futures, Feeder Cattle futures , Live Cattle futures, Sugar futures, Brent Crude futures, Nikkei futures etc.., etc..  I’m not suggesting you trade all these markets but it sure is a nice problem to have, with so many great choices.

Just for grins, we looked at an 89 tick chart of Live Cattle Futures.  Taking the first viable trade that appeared, was a full winner.  Look how the jump trade sprung up to its full target for + 15 ticks.  I’m not suggesting you trade Live Cattle Futures.  It is a very thin market and there are plenty of better choices.  I’m just using this random example to illustrate how effective Trend Jumper is.



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