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Futures Post Another Successful Daytrading Session with the Trend Jumper

There are numerous winning markets to report with our Trend Jumper futures daytrading today but one market was so outstanding I thought I would feature it here.

The DAX Futures!!  One and done for an astounding + 198.5 points.  At €25 per point, today’s session produced €4,962, which is approximately $6,451.

This trade began as a routine, average trade, risking just 9 points per position.  The first position hit its target without much fanfare, for an easy + 12 points.  But then the price just kept falling.  And falling.  And falling.  All a trader had to do was just follow the Jumpline all the way down, per the tradeplan and would have been happy to finally stop out, 186.5 points below the entry.

We’ve seen these trades before on lots of different markets.  You never know when they are going to happen.  But if you just stick with the tradeplan, sooner or later, futures, forex or stocks, you’re going to catch one of these Monster trades with the Trend Jumper.

See Today’s DAX Futures trade



  • The Dow eMini 377 tick was also very strong with a one and done session, gaining +46 points and new record profit levels.
  • Our FREE Dow eMini 5 Minute Tradeplan also was a strong winner today, gaining + 37 points.

There were lots of winners again today.  Tune into our Release Party Webinar for further details.  You’ll see the links above.

Don’t forget, Thursday, April 18th at either 12 noon or 6 pm, est.  Depending on when you’re reading this post, that is either TODAY or Tomorrow.  Don’t miss it!  As usual, free gifts and great bonuses will be available!!


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