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Futures Posting a Banner Week with Strong Gains and New Profit Levels

Futures daytrading continues to post record profit levels with winning sessions across the board on nearly all our favorite trading markets.  The world is reacting to US government shutdowns and other world events and as the stock market goes down, or up, or sideways, our style of trading, using the PTU Trend Jumper puts us on the right side of the price action most of the time, which is all we need to succeed and be profitable.  Then, it’s just a matter of sound money management and the ability to execute the rules of the tradeplan.  Like going on a trip.  Take our your road map and follow the designated route to your destination.  That’s how we trade.

Yesterday was positive across the board for us.  Today is working out that way too:

  • Crude Oil futures were up + .38, for $380 yesterday.  Today it was done in two trades for + .31, $310
  • Heating Oil futures is on a wicked winning streak, winning 19 consecutive sessions!  Today it was one and done for +64 ticks, $268
  • DAX futures continues to be stellar and extremely profitable.  Using our Power of Quitting approach, it keeps hitting record profit levels.  Yesterday it was one and done for + 32.5 points, 812 Euros.  Today, the session is still going as of this writing and it’s a win away from another positive session.
  • Dow eMini futures was a quick one and done today for + 10 points and a new record profit level.  Yesterday it gained + 56 points and is up +136 points for the week so far.  Since Nov 2, 2012, this amazing tradeplan has hit new record profit levels every 5th session, on average and did so again today with a net total of + 3619 points using our Power of Quitting approach.
  • Soybean futures were one and done today for +2.5 points, $125
  • Russell eMini futures was one and done today for +1.8 points, $180

Forex also continues to post big gains.  Today, our EURJPY daytrade plan was one and done with a modest + 16 pips.  Yesterday it was able to scratch out a + 37 pip gain.  The day before that, + 17 pips.  The day before that, + 51 pips, etc..  Stocks and options, too!

There is so much more to talk about.  And we will be doing just that during our two Release Party Webinars later today.  Make sure you join us to see the PTU Trend Jumper up close.  We’ll show you these trades and more.  Ask your questions.  Kick the tires.  See it for yourself.

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