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Futures Profits Continue to Pour IN!! Finished the Week Very Strong!!

Our Futures trading continues to hit new record profit levels nearly every day.  While the global markets continued to sell off and doomsday sayers ran for the hills and hunkered down, Trend Jumper traders smiled all the way to the bank, ringing the register, trade after trade across every market we consistently have been trading.

Cha Ching a Ling Ding was the them of the day, the theme of the week and pretty much the theme of the year.  In fact, it has been our theme since Day 1!!  There were tons of winners again today but below are the results of our tried and true tradeplans that look to get in, get out and get done as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Like this we are able to take what the market wants to give us and move our accounts upwards on a regular basis.  It’s all about quality, not quantity.  We just give ourselves a raise by moving our finger over from one number to the next, adding contracts as we grow our account.  We don’t have to work harder.  We just keep on working smarter and the results speak for themselves.

  • Crude Oil Futures; + 23 (The week ended up + .75 but I didn’t count a large trade due to it moving too quickly.  So we ended up settling with just a + .16 this week.
  • Russell eMini Futures; +7.8 points for $780; Ended the week +10.5
  • S&P eMini Futures (ES); +4.5; ended the week + 16.25, winning 4 out of 5 trades
  • DAX Futures; + 43.5 points and the 23rd winning session in a row; ended the week +102.5 points for huge gains, +2,562 Euros, winning 11 out of 15 trades!
  • Heating Oil Futures; + 80 ticks for $336; Week ended up + 285 ticks
  • Soybean Futures; + 2.25 one and done; Ended the week + 15 points, winning 5 out of 7 trades for $750.
  • EURJPY gained a modest + 8 pips today; Ended the week with + 65 pips
  • Dow eMini Futures (YM) was ironically the hardest market to trade this week.  Today, there were a number of opportunities to quit positive.  I posted + 7 points, finishing the week with + 77.


I often get the question, “how does the Trend Jumper handle range bound and choppy markets?”  It’s a great question.  My answer is “pretty darn good!”  It’s not going to be perfect.  Sometimes we do have to take losses and some sessions just are not going to work out.  We’re winning nearly 85 to 90% of our sessions on each market but that is NOT 100%.  Nothing wins all the time.  We don’t need to.  Trend Jumper is great at mitigating tough price action.  We avoid most of the losses and end up catching a few here and there.  But the best trades come out of these situations.

Sometimes it handles choppy action perfectly though.  Quite often, actually.  I couldn’t have written the story better than what happened today in a very ugly looking Crude Oil Futures chart.

See my live Crude Oil Futures Trades today and see for yourself how the Trend Jumper handled this very unattractive choppy early part of the session.  Also see many of the above listed trades that pushed nearly everything to brand new record profit levels.




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