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Futures Profits Keep Soaring; Another Huge Week

Our futures profits are growing, growing, growing, as we keep trading the same tradeplans, battle tested and proven over two straight years.  Here are some totals for this week:

Futures profits for the week:
  1. Dax: + 114.5 points for 2,865 Euros
  2. Heating Oil: + 336 ticks for $1428
  3. Soybeans; + 14.25 points for $712.50
  4. Russell; + 14 for $1400
  5. Dow eMini; + 119 points for $595
  6. Other markets I do not regularly track like ES, NQ, and Nat Gas also posted excellent gains.

Follow our Model Russell Tradeplan to see how our tradeplan had gained over 50% in NET equity over the last 7 weeks here.  Russell eMini Model Tradeplan Running Results.  Check back often!

See the trade that logged us serious Russell eMini futures profits, pushing this tradeplan to new record equity highs again.  Trend Jumper hit its goals quick and early this morning, finishing the session one and done with + 3 points, with this trade right out the gate.



To really see the ‘forest from the trees’ Russell eMini futures profits for the year, check out this running equity curve.  This curve represents all the trades of this tradeplan for the year to date.  It looks a lot like last year’s curve and in fact, like all the other Trend Jumper futures profits and equity curves of all our favorite markets.  Keep in mind it is the standard 2 position approach and does not factor in trade costs.  It is merely meant to illustrate how a disciplined approach with a proven tradeplan will ‘grow the forest’ despite some ‘falling trees.’  You can see the flat periods that occurred this past year sick trees falling to make room for new healthy growth.  This is normal and what successful trading is all about.  It’s a forest from the trees perspective and is what we teach in the PTU.  Follow our Russell eMini model with running NET results here.


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