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Futures Stuff our Stockings with BIG Holiday Profits!

Futures generously gave at the office this week, and what an office it is.  Where else can you commute down the hallway in full work attire (comfortable and cozy pjs) and work for an hour or two while huge handsome holiday profits come pouring in?  What a living we make!  Of course, if you’ve been following along since last year, this should come as no surprise.  Yet the fact that this has proven to be so routine, does not make it any less exciting or fulfilling.  On the contrary.  And it hasn’t just been futures.  Forex and stocks/options have also enjoyed the holiday festivities posting huge gains and proving that simplicity, combined with thorough and complete tradeplans that detail every aspect of the trade (entries, targets, stops, trailers, and trade management) are the way to go, if you truly want to succeed in the market.

Trend Jumper is not the only way to accomplish this, but it sure has proven to be a great method to use.  We are very excited for 2014 and expect this success will not only continue, but actually get even better as we push the envelope and discover new ways to use this strategy.

Here are some of the highlights of the week:

  • First prize goes to the YM (Dow eMini) futures; With our steady and consistent tradeplan, the same one we have used since Nov 2012 each and every day, we were one and done every day this week YM futures were a perfect 5 for 5, gaining + 196 points and hitting all new record profit levels.  +4595 points since 11/5/2012.  Today it gained +56 points!
  • Crude Oil Futures (CL) was also nearly perfect, winning each of its five sessions this week.  It went 11 out of 14 trades, gaining +1.65, $1650.  Today it was a perfect two for two, winning + .61.  Crude oil futures also hit all new record profit levels and is up + 5712, so far this year. 
  • DAX Futures won 4 out of 5 sessions and finished the week strong with + 64.5 points.  At 25 Euros per point, we couldn’t be happier.  It is sitting a trade or two below its record profit levels and seems poised to hit new equity highs by year’s end.  It is up + 3620 points since Nov 5, 2012.  Today it was 1 for 2, gaining + 11 points.  Yesterday, you’ll see from the post below, it had a + 62.5 point trade.
  • Heating Oil Futures ended this week up + 175 ticks
  • Soybean Futures finished the week on a strong note too, gaining + 6 points, mainly due to today’s opening trade, which gave us + 6.25 points and new equity highs since we began forward testing this in the live traderoom, Sept 9th of this year.
  • S & P eMini Futures (ES); this exciting new tradeplan continues to perform excellently.  While I have not tallied up the final score for the week, it did win each of this week’s five sessions.  Today it was one for one, finishing strong with +4.25 points.
  • Russell eMini Futures (TF) had a strong week as well.   With Trend Jumper there are more than one way to trade these markets.  Our members are using 1 pnt momentum range bars or 377 tick charts.  Either way, you can’t really go wrong with the Russell.  The momentum bar only gave us one trade so far today which only gained 2 ticks so we’ll have to wait to see how today’s session ends up.    The 377 tick had nice gains today.  It’s still trailing its final position but so far it is up +4.3 points and will finish several more points by the end of this trade.  Each point is worth $100.

See Today’s Dow eMini Futures trade that gained + 56 points and put the finishing touch on a perfect 5 for 5 week, + 196 points and all new record profit levels for this tradeplan dating all the way back to November of 2012!



There are so many more great markets to daytrade.  The above are the regular markets we’ve been tracking and trading for a long time now and as you can see, they continue to be successful in consistently ringing the register and growing equity.  As soon as I get caught up with forex, I’ll be posting the results for this year.  Stay tuned.  I think you are going to be quite pleased with what you see.

Have a great weekend and Happy Holidays to you and your family!

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