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Futures & Forex; Traderoom Profits Hit on All our Markets Today

Here’s a quick recap of today’s VIP Live Traderoom Session.

  • EURJPY Forex 5 Min Chart + 109 pips
  • Heating Oil Futures + 159 ticks, $668
  • Unleaded Gas Futures + 125 ticks for $525
  • Crude Oil Futures + 39 ticks for $390
  • YM Dow eMini Futures was a wash, Break Even
  • Russell eMini Futures 1 pn Momentum Bar, + 1.6 points for $160
  • Russell eMini Futures 377 tick, + 4.2 points for $420
  • NQ Nasdaq eMini futures which hit a quick winner for + 3.75 points, $75
  • DAX Futures + 20 points for 500 Euros; The DAX continues to bedazzle, as it is already up + 79.5 points for the week, winning 3 out of 4 trades so far!!

There were other winners as well but  that’s a pretty good idea of what we continue to see with the Trend Jumper.

Check out the final four trades in Heating Oil Futures Today that allowed us to quit after hitting our goals.



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