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Futures Trades Log Attractive Profits to Start Q 2, Day After Easter

Today, futures posted nice gains pretty much across the board with all the markets I like to follow. I typically like to take this day after Easter off, turning a three day weekend into a four day weekend but I did manage to get a few nice trades placed today.

Trend Jumper did great though.  Here’s a brief breakdown of today’s results:

Dow eMini (YM); + 11 points, one and done.  The winning streak continues!

Crude Oil Futures; + 22

Unleaded Futures (RB); + 217

Heating Oil Futures (HO); + 157

Nat Gas Futures (NG); + 47

Wheat Futures; +1.75

DAX Futures; Off today due to European Holiday, but on Good Friday, while US markets were closed, it gained +21.5 points.  It finished March very strong too, with + 865 points!!  At €25 per point, that’s big bucks!!

We’re going to start watching the Russell eMini very closely as well.  This is the time of year we have seen it catch lightening year after year, so I think it’s time.  Today, getting in sync with the trade through news, as per the tradeplan, it posted a huge gain, + 12.5 points, two trades, winning one of them with the standard two position approach.  That’s $1,250 with minimal risk.

Check out Today’s Russell eMini Futures Trades.  Trend Jumper lost a small one to start and then grabbed a big one which shows why we love daytrading Futures with this strategy.







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