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Futures Trading; A Spectacular End to a Very Profitable Week

Our futures trading finished the Dawg Days of August with lots of winners and record profit levels across many of our favorite markets to daytrade.  Even with the 3 day weekend upon us, it made NO difference and nothing seems to be able to slow us down.  If you’ve been following along, then you know what markets we like.

Here’s a short list of the highlights for the week:

  • Crude Oil futrescontinues to be one of our prized horses.  Today, it finished modestly with + 15 ticks.  It finished the week though with + 3.10, $3,100!  It has won 15 of the last 16 sessions and with each winner, breaks to new record profit levels, dating all the way back to October, 2012.
  • The Dow eMini futures was one and done today and finished another session positive with + 19 points for $95.  It was a week of modest gains, + 47 points.  But it hasn’t lost a session since August 20th and has won 18 of the last 20 sessions.  It also hit new record profit levels today.
  • Heating Oil futures ended with + 280 ticks for $1176.  It ended the week very strong with + 606 ticks for $2,545.
  • Unleaded Gas futures ended today with a modest + 8 ticks but that capped a strong week with a grand sum of + 538 ticks for $2259.
  • Other Markets that won today and pretty much all week long includes Soybean futures, Russell eMini futures, Nasdaq eMini futures, DAX futures, Nat Gas futures, and many others.


See the Final Heating Oil Futures trade that ended today’s session and this week’s trading.





  1. i use ninja trader what range bar setting would i use on ninja trader that would comparable to your momentum bar on trade station for heating oil Thank You

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