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Futures Trading Continues to Post Steady Winners

Futures trading keeps posting gains for us on most of our favorite markets.  Tuesday’s session was as straight forward as it gets, much like Monday’s session.  Winners on just about everything again.

  • Heating Oil Futures, + 54 ticks
  • Crude Oil Futures, + 32 ticks, $320
  • Dow eMini, + 25 points
  • Russell eMini, + 1.5
  • Dax Futures; + 11 points
  • Wheat Futures; + 1.25 point
  • Soybean Futures; + 9.75


Yesterday’s futures trading took a bit more time for some of our markets.

  • EURJPY Forex (5 minute chart daytrade plan) + 48 pips this morning
  • CL, + 20 ticks
  • TF, + 1.2
  • Heating Oil Futures; + 85 ticks
  • Dax Futures; + 17 points
  • Soybean Futures; + 12.25 p0ints
  • Wheat Futures; + 3 points
  • Dow eMini; After the big move premarket, we took a ‘trade of opportunity that only netted 2 points.  It was advised at that point to stand down since the market was heading into a consolidation zone.  It’s important to use common sense and understand that after big moves, price action will consolidate, making for unfavorable trade conditions.  The decision to not trade is sometimes the best trade decision one can make.  The YM would have ended up down – 54 points.

See Wednesday’s Soybean Futures trade.  This screenshot shows the Trend Jumper Pro Calc with the Automated Trend Jumper Trade Assistant.



Today’s trading was also very straight forward with easy winners pretty much across the board.

  • Dow eMini Futures, + 44 points.  The YM is up +153 points for the week so far, even when including yesterday’s losing session!
  • Dax Futures, + 19.5 points.  Up + 88.5 points for the week, so far.
  • Crude Oil Futures, +.59 for $590.  Up + 2.48 for the week so far, winning 8 of 10 trades.
  • Heating Oil Futures, + 80 ticks.  It is up +410 ticks for the week so far, winning 5 of 6 trades for $1722!
  • EURJPY Forex was one and done today for + 36 pips
  • Russell eMini Futures, + 3.3 for $330.  Russell eMini Futures are up + 10.4 points for the week so far for $1040, winning a perfect 5 for 5!



  1. Is there some info for OPTIONS?


    • Yes! We use the underlying stock symbols to make options trades with very easy, straight forward, in the money calls and puts.

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