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Futures Trading Does it Again; Another Brilliant Start to the Week

Futures trading handed us big profits right away again for the Halloween Week.  It was hard to do anything wrong today.  If you watched my Friday’s Heating Oil futures trades, you saw how sometimes you have to just hunker down and stay with the plan.  A couple losses, a couple winners, a couple near winners, etc.  That’s just what trading is.  Making money trading on the other hand is sticking to the winning tradeplan.  Today, Heating Oil futures was the market made in heaven.  The first trade of the day was a grand slam trade hitting + 199 ticks just eleven minutes.

  • Heating Oil futures gained + 199 ticks for $835 in eleven minutes!
  • Unleaded Gas futures was one and done today for +475 ticks for $1,995 in just nine minutes!!
  • DAX futures were one and done for + 38 points, +950 Euros
  • Soybean futures gained + 8 points for $400 in nineteen minutes
  • While the four above were all one and done today, Crude Oil futures was also a nice winner, gaining + 22 for $220.  It required 5 trades today to win its 9th session in a row.

October finished very strong for our forex trading as well.  I will be summarizing the latest results and posting it soon.


Check out Today’s Heating Oil Futures trade which grabbed + 199 ticks, $835 in eleven minutes



Soybean Futures, one of my other favorite daytrading markets also was in a very generous mood today.  It too delivered big profits in just a few minutes with its first trade of the day.  This market has done nothing but make bushels of money for us ever since we started developing the tradeplan, early September.  Now, nearly two months later, it keeps doing what it has done since day one.  Make fast, dependable profits.  You can trade it with one, two or three positions.

Today, Soybean Futures was one and done for + 8 points, $400 in twenty minutes.  Our 1 position approach made 2 points in 55 seconds.  The 3 position approach uses a bigger target and it gained an additional +4.5 points for a net of + 12.5 points.



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