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Futures Trading Finish Strong; Starts Strong Too

Our futures trading delivered generous gifts for Xmas this year, as it typically does every year.  Printing money should probably be illegal but that is exactly what we have been doing with our Trend Jumper futures trading.  Our favorite markets continue to ring the register.

Some Futures Trading Highlights:

  • Crude oil:  Closed the year at record profit levels.
    • It gained + .78 Xmas week with minimal trading.
    • It finished New Year’s week with + .79, losing only one trade; 6 out of 7 winners.
    • It finished Dec with +7.19, $7190 with our standard tradeplan/2 position approach.
    • Most importantly, CL finished 2014 at lifetime equity highs with +42.59
    • That is down from 2013, when it gained + 58.23 for the year, but still, shows amazing consistency in many different market conditions.  Look at the price of oil then and look at it now, and you will see the storyline.  This versatile strategy works and will continue to do so.
    • CL futures trading started 2015 one and done with + .19.  We were done in a matter of minute
Today, CL futures trading gave us a perfect trade, hitting the target right on the head while showing how the uncanny accuracy of Trend Jumper continues to ‘wow’ us as it has done for over two straight years!!


  • Russell eMini:  Very strong performer, gaining + 413.8 points in 2014!
    • You can follow our model tradeplan on this very blog here
    • The Grinch showed up for Xmas week, as we barely eeked out a Breakeven week, gaining just .6.  The final week, including today’s one and done session, gained + 10.6 points, winning 6 out of 9 trades and new record profit levels.
    • 2015 kicked off one and done with + 2.3 to start the year and end the week.  We’ll take it.  We finished our Russell eMini futures trading in just 13 minutes!
Futures Trading continues to be the way to daytrade, in our humble opinion.  The Trend Jumper results continues to prove it too.  See how the TF ended the week strong while also starting the new year with a nice fast winner pushing this tradeplan to record profit levels again.


So many other markets delivered the goods for us in 2014.  Dax Futures, YM, Soybean Futures, Heating Oil, Unleaded Gas, Nat Gas, NQ, etc, etc.  Forex too, was strong.  The EURJPY 5 minute chart had a banner year.  Many forex markets came alive as the dollar gained momentum and many of our favorite pairs broke out to finish strong.  We’re looking forward to another strong and profitable year in 2015.


  1. Does the Trend Jumper work for trading futures on the ES?

    • Yes it does. It’s not our favorite market to trade though. I presents additional challenges that drive up trade costs. I’d rather see you trade the TF for example, especially now as we roll into May.

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