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Futures Trading HUGELY Profitable Again Today with Trend Jumper

Today I traded and demoed the Trend Jumper on a number of live markets in front of a large exclusive audience, laying it all on the line in front of the court of public opinion.  The net results were nothing short of excellent.  Winning sessions on everything.  Again!  Of course you’ve seen on this blog a number a live trade sessions but this was difference, with over 50 people in attendance.

It’s becoming a regular day at the office, it would seem, with markets moving the way they do.  I’m no so naive to think that we won’t get a losing session from time to time, but we just haven’t really seen it yet.  Here’s a quick video to recap a variety of market.  I traded Crude and then talked through the other markets as they were happening for the benefit of our audience.  Here’s the summary.  Please not these are the gross points of our typcial two position trades and do not factor in trade costs.

  • CL 377 tick am session:  + .39 (2 for 3 winners for $390)
  • CL pm session: +.20 (1 Trade for $200)
  • TF 377 early am:  + 1.1 (2 for 3 winners for $110)
  • TF late am session: + 3.6 (2 for 4 for $360)
  • YM 377 tick:  + 17 (1 for 2 for $85)
  • NQ 610 tick: + 7.25 (1 Trade for $145)
  • ES 2000 Tick:  + 3.25 (1 of 2 for $162.50)
  • Heating Oil (HO): + .0067 (1 trade for $281)
  • Nat Gas (NG): + .026 (1 Trade for $260)
  • Unleased Gas (RB): + .0299 (1 trade for $1,256)
  • Wheat Futures (W) 200 tick:+18.25 points (1 Trade $912.50)
  • DAX Futures (FDAX) 233 tick: + 27 Points (4 of 8 trades for + 675 Euros)
  • Euro Bund (FGBL) 233 tick: +.24 (1 trade for 240 Euros)

Check Out Today’s Video with Lot’s of Market Examples and Trades from Today’s Session


  1. Nice video. Seem like a great system. Can you show some stocks in a future video?

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