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Futures Trading; Trend Jumper Winners All Around Again

Futures started the week off on the right step, with lots of winners.  It is remarkable to see the Trend Jumper strategy continue to perform.  It is piling up a pretty amazing track record.  New record profit levels continue to occur on all our favorite markets with the same tradeplan on a steady basis.  Of course I said that months ago but it is continuing on the same upward trajectory.   Excellent!  Our newest members are hopefully seeing it occur and are beginning to find their legs as they go through the Success Guide on the Owner’s Club in their ‘belief and confidence building stage’ of  the learning process.

Here’s a Recap of Today’s Action in our favorite futures markets (gross profit results before costs):

  1. DAX Futures; + 31 points for € 775
  2. Crude Oil Futures; +41 ticks for $ 410
  3. Heating Oil Futures; +113 ticks for $474
  4. Unleaded Gas Futures; + +87 ticks; $365
  5. Dow eMini (YM) Futures; + 43 Points for $215; YM has had only ONE losing session since Feb 15th!!
  6. Russell eMini Futures; + 406 for $460; I’m looking for the Russell eMini to really start coming alive by 2nd week in April although judging by today’s session, perhaps we’re ahead of schedule.  We shall see.

Today’s Russell Futures Trade (We are Beginning to Watch with Great Interest in Anticipation of Another HOT and Profitable Year Trading this Dynamic Market)


I took a quick look at other popular markets that I don’t personally follow on a regular basis, like ES and NQ and both those rang the register today as well.  Wheat futures was the only market that could not get on track, as it traded in a tight sloppy range today.  That’s ok though.  Wheat futures just made record profit levels again last week and we know that Wheat will deliver the goods.  Not every day can be perfect on ALL markets.

I am working on some exciting NEW tradeplans that are really kicking butt.  I have a new YM tradeplan for a 5 minute chart and it continues to do amazingly well.  Of course, we don’t really need a new YM tradeplan, considering how well our original plan is doing.  But, the 5 minute chart is interesting with this unique approach and it does open the door for some creative and innovative applications of the basic Trend Jumper Strategy.  Today the new trade plan produced huge gains.  It is very versatile.  It can be traded as a 1, 2 or 3 position approach.  I prefer the 3 position approach.  There will be more news on this as we go.

  • New YM Futures 5 Minute Chart Tradeplan + 66 points per the 3 position approach

Rumors within the company suggest that we might even make this ONE Tradeplan available to those newest guests to this site who want to test drive the Trend Jumper.  No promises but that is what I have heard inside the company grape vine.  There may even be something special for Forex Traders as well.  Check back often because you won’t want to miss this IF the rumors prove to be true.

Forex Traders please don’t feel left out. We are in a number of forex swingtrades which I will cover in the near future. We have to let these trades do their thing. I’ve been focusing on futures daytrading these past several posts because the trading has been SO powerful and profitable it just is demanding attention and notice. Forex will too though. There is a lot of action on the world stage and our forex trading is going strong as well.


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