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Futures Trading with Trend Jumper WINNING BIG; Today was no Different

Trend Jumper has been winning big and continues to do so.  Today it was winning on everything, AGAIN!  Amazing and highly profitable results have been piling in.  Here’s a quick rundown of what I’m talking about with just some of the our favorite markets.

  • Crude Oil Futures finished positive today with 4 trades for + .15, $150.  It was perfect in October with +9.41, $9410!!  But it has been continuing its winning ways and is also perfect in November as well.  November is already up +3.96 for $3960!  Yesterday it won +.33 with two trades for $330.  Monday it won +.44, $440 in three trades.  You get the idea, right?
  • Heating Oil Futures, also HUGE!  Today, 1 trade, for +199 ticks, $835.  It’s up over +400 ticks already just this week hitting our goals with a single trade each session.  Today we were done in a matter of minutes!
  • Unleaded Gas, also HUGE!  Today, it took two trades but we finished with + 336 ticks for over $1350!!.. This is up nearly +700 ticks at $4.20 per tick with just 4 trades this week.
  • We took Monday off with the eMinis due to the bank holiday but they still were positive on the session with Trend Jumper.   But yesterday and today were winners too.
  • ES; + 2.75 today with 2 trades; Yesterday it was up + 5.25 with just 1 trade!
  • YM was up + 26, $130 points today with just one trade.  Yesterday it was up + 53 points, $265  with just one trade!
  • Russell eMini up + 1 point today.  Late am session up much more than that!
  • Wheat Futures had another BIG day.  1 trade, 1 winner, done in FOUR MINUTES, +6.25 points for $312!  Yesterday it was up + 3.75 points in just one trade.  Monday it was up + 3 points in just one trade, etc., etc..

I can’t list all the great markets and results because it is limitless really.  Forex is in some rather large and profitable swingtrades.  Other markets and timeframes are doing great.  What can I say.  The Trend Jumper WORKS and it will not be stopped.

See the RePlay of the Release Webinar one post below.  You will also find the link to get your hands on the Trend Jumper Trading System.

Check out this video walk-thru of some of my favorite futures markets we were trading this morning

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