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Russell eMini, Other eMinis, Everything Really — More Big Profits Today

The Russell eMini (TF) has usually been a very difficult market to trade during the 1st four months of the year.  At least that’s what we have seen over the past few years.  Maybe because we have a fantastic trade strategy, the PTU Trend Jumper, and maybe also because we have learned so much with it these past 18 months that we have a tradeplan that is more resilient, or maybe the markets are just trading differently this year.  Whatever the reason, the Russell eMini doesn’t seem to care what time of year it is.  We keep hitting record profit levels, again and again and again.  Today was no different.  The rest of our futures (both eMini and others) and  forex trading has been growing profits nearly every day as well. The EJ couldn’t get on track today but after gaining nearly +1000 pips over the past three weeks, we’ll not fret too much about it.  We won’t fret at all, actually.  You’ve seen the results pile up.  If not, all you have to do is just randomly check out past posts on this blog.  You’ll see the storyline right away.  Today was no different.  More winners everywhere you look, but each eMini was particularly strong.

  • DAX Futures; + 21 points; one and done; new record profit levels again
  • Dow eMini (YM); + 39 points; one and done, new record profit levels
  • Heating Oil Futures; + 21 ticks; winning 2 of 3
  • S & P eMini (ES); + 2.25 points
  • EURJPY; – 96 pips (EJ couldn’t get on track today and traded sideways throughout the morning.  We are not worried in the slightest as it sits just below its all time record profit levels.)
  • Soybean Futures; + .5 (Using our new “poq defender” technique as taught in the PTU Trend Jumper Bootcamp)
  • Nasdaq eMini (NQ); + 4.25 points
  • Crude Oil Futures; + .49
  • Russell eMini (TF); + 6.6 points; new record profit levels

See the Russell eMini Trade Today that gained over +6 points.  Today was a very strong up day and it required patience for this trade.  Ironically, it was a short trade that made all the money today in the Russell eMini.


The market was a run away train to the upside for most of the session and as disciplined traders, we did not chase it up.  We didn’t get the setup that we need for this tradeplan so we just waited and watched.  When the setup finally came, it was later in pm session and to the short side.  We can’t possibly know what the price of any market will do moment to moment.  We have no control over that.  What we do have control over is leaning on our trade strategy and tradeplan to guide us and tell us to go long or short at the opportune moment that puts the odds in our favor.  As you can see from ongoing winning results we keep getting with Trend Jumper, the odds do all the heavy lifting, making our jobs as traders so much easier.  The PTU Trend Jumper puts the odds in our favor, giving us an unfair advantageous over 99% of the other traders out there.  Boo hoo for them!  We’ll take it and smile all the way to the tropics!!




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