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Futures Win Across the Board Today; Welcome Back to Me!!

Futures were so easy to trade today.  It’s always hard to come back from vacation and jump back into the saddle but Trend Jumper makes it so easy and today, after my 2nd cup of coffee, it was like I never left.  Moreover the trade gods were very kind to me.  I’m still checking to see if my feet are on the ground but while doing that, we were able to get to our trading goals very quickly.


Today’s futures trade results as called in the live traderoom and/or per our published tradeplans:

  • Crude Oil + .60 for $600; 2 winners in a row
  • Heating Oil was one and one for + 109 ticks; $457
  • Unleaded Gas was one and done too, for + 84 ticks, $352
  • Dow eMini was one and done for + 32 points, $160
  • Russell eMini had two trades for + 4.6, $460
  • Earlier, during the Euro Session, the DAX was also one and done, + 39 points for 957 Euros


Today’s Crude Oil Futures Trend Jumper trades gain an easy +.60, with both targets getting hit exactly to the tick.


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