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GBPUSD; Brand New Tradeplan Coming to the Trend Jumper Owner’s Club

The GBPUSD is a great trading pair.  Trend Jumper FX has made thousands of pips with the GBPUSD over the years, trading daily charts.  We have shown these profitable trades numerous times.  In fact, we’ll be showing them again on Thursday with MT4.  That being said, the GBPUSD also trades well on other timeframes.  I thought I would make a quick announcement, while we’re in the midst of our Trend Jumper FX launch, that a brand new GBPUSD 15 minute chart tradeplan is being released to the Trend Jumper Membership, shortly.  It is designed for the US Market hours but we are discovering that it also works great during the European hours.

See how the brand new GBPUSD 15 Minute Chart tradeplan gained + 193 Pips Today during the Euro trading hours.



15 minute forex charts do take patience.  They do not produce trades every day.  There were no US Session trades today.  Yesterday however, this new GBPUSD plan was one and done during the US Session with + 30 pips.  GBPUSD also had a huge winner to start the week, again, during the Euro Session, gaining + 157 pips with an explosive trade; the kind of trade that the Trend Jumper finds for us, over and over again.

See the GBPUSD burst out to the long side, grabbing + 157 pips during the Euro Session.  Our innovative approach to trading forex gives us swingtrade profits with our daytrades.



It’s not too late to learn our get swingtrade like profits with your daytrading, using our innovative forex tradeplans with the Trend Jumper FX.  The launch is winding down though.  Come see it for yourself during a live demo and Q & A this Thursday, May 15th.

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Those in attendance will get a brand new FREE Trend Jumper trade strategy, complete with indicators and full training.



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