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GBPUSD Gains Over + 1000 Pips as it Falls Against the US Dollar

The GBPUSD is one of several forex pairs beginning to breakout of its multi-month malaise of low range, low volatility price movement and Trend Jumper is taking advantage of it.  Check out this current trade using an MT4 chart where you can plainly see the GBPUSD falling against the strengthening dollar as it loses ground and gives us the chance to build a great short position with over + 1000 pips already locked in with the potential for more.

The GBPUSD Loses Ground Against the US Dollar gaining over + 1000 pips on this MT4 Chart with Trend Jumper.  Tradestation Traders also very happy!



The GBPUSD isn’t the only pair taking advantage of the return of volatility and dollar strengthening.  Those using the free Trend Jumper with the EURUSD daily chart should be very happy with the current trade, which is also up hundreds of pips.

In other highlights today, it was another efficient session in the traderoom with most of our favorite markets finishing with winners and very positive results.

  • The DAX just posted another + 7.5 points, its 15th winning session in a row, and its 37th win out of 38 sessions!  It continues to make all new equity highs with every new winning session.
  • Crude Oil Futures were one and done with + .26, $260.  Those who came back to trade moments after the Crude Oil Inventory Report were also rewarded with another + .21, and + .47 on the day.
  • Soybean Futures won its 9th session in a row, finishing in 5 minutes today with + 2.25.  It’s the 3rd time this week, perfect for the week in other words, where it was in, out and done with + 2.25 points.  New record profit levels.
  • Heating Oil Futures were one and done today with + .46 ticks
  • Dow eMini was one and done today as well, missing its full target by 1 point.  We took a partial profit on this one and finished with + 9 p0ints.  Today, being the FOMC Meeting Minutes Day gave us profitable trades throughout.
  • The Russell took a few more trades but finished positive today as well.


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