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GBPUSD Making a Move; Up +244 pips Already with More to Come

The GBPUSD is one of our favorite forex pairs to trade.  We have brand new Daytrade plans for this pair but I wanted to show you the most current trades currently underway with our long running daily chart.  This tradeplan is being used by many traders on many different pairs.  The GBPUSD is actually one of the pairs we are using in our brand new Trend Jumper Autotrade Program.  Trend Jumper Members have exclusive access to this service.

The Trend Jumper is easy though and you can trade the GBPUSD along with a number of other forex pairs yourself.   This plan requires approximately 15 minutes per day.  That’s it!  You can trade it with two positions or with four positions.  Here you can see how we literally build our position by scaling in to the GBPUSD at strategic and opportune levels, as the first trade progresses.  In fact, the first trade has hit its 1st target for + 86 pips and in the midst of that, we had the golden opportunity to take what we call an ‘add-on inside trade’ which quickly zoomed up, hitting all three targets for + 32, + 53 and + 73 pips.  All in all, there is already +244 pips made on this trade with the remaining positions trailing and at zero risk.  How?  The GBPUSD tradeplan (the standard plan for many different pairs) has us moving our stop to guarantee zero risk once targets have been achieved as in the case of this example.

This tradeplan, along with many others are taught in great detail once becoming a PTU Trend Jumper Member.

See how the GBPUSD daily chart has already made + 244 pips and is poised to possibly make a whole lot more.


Of course, if you’ve been following along, you would know that the Trend Jumper also trades futures, stocks and ETFs.  This week, which is particularly tough on the markets being the week of Non Farm Payroll and the FOMC Statement, saw Trend Jumper daytrade profits with our ongoing futures trade plans, winning across the board and hitting record profit levels.  Here are Friday’s results for example along with the total profits for the week on the tradeplans that we are tracking since last year or further:

  • Russell eMini (TF) continues to be the star and hasn’t had a losing session since last March 10th!  It is hitting record profit levels every session.  Today it was one and done with + 3.9 points for $390.  It finished the week with + 14.5 points.
  • Dow eMini (YM); + 30 points today and + 100 points for the week
  • DAX Futures; + 30 points today and + 31.5 points for the week.
  • Heating Oil Futures; + 40 ticks today and + 307 ticks for the week ($4.20 per tick)
  • ES; + 2 points today and slightly down, – 2.25 for the week
  • Soybean Futures had a huge week; + 8.75 today and + 28.5 points for the week (like the ES for $50 per point)
  • Crude Oil Futures; + 9 ticks today and + 118 for the week for $1180.

See Today’s Soybean Futures trade that gained + 8.75 points, $437 in TEN minutes, one and done, see ‘ya Monday!!  (We were done with our tradeplan but the following trade, using our ‘new kid on the block’ the “Measuring Stick Trade,” also was a nice winner grabbing + 4.5 points in 15 minutes.  This trade is taught in the Trend Jumper Owner’s Club.  I’m showing it here.  It is the green trade that went long.  Also, you’ll notice the 3rd targets being hit.  These targets are optional and were not included in the results but one can see how profitable then can be giving the trade a very attractive risk:reward ratio.



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