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Futures Daytrade Profits Give us a Warm Greeting to the New Year; Forex too!

The markets haven’t skipped a beat as 2014 has already begun and the profits are already ringing in the new year.  While we wait for our forex swing trades to setup, our daytrading has been nearly perfect.

  • DAX Futures are already off to the races.  Today, + 52.5 points to start the first full week of 2016 for + 1312 euros!
  • Crude Futures is already one and done, the first trade of the day hitting the target on the nail.  Sometimes these targets are just too perfect, + 15 for $150
  • Russell eMini Futures (TF) was one and done for + 5.9 points, $590
  • Soybean Futures was one and done for + 2.5 points
  • Dow eMini Futures only managed to get us 2 points today but our optional ‘measuring stick’ trade began the session with a big winner, + 72 points
  • S&P eMini Futures (ES) was one and done for + 4 points
  • Nasdaq eMini Futures (NQ) was one and done for +16.5 points
  • Heating Oil Futures + 49 ticks
  • EURJPY 5 min Forex daytrade plan gained + 36 pips


See Today’s Crude Oil Futures Trade that had our ‘Power of Quitting 1’ Traders in and out of the market in less than 3 minutes!  Trend Jumper targets are usually quite accurate and sometimes they are too perfect.  It’s always better if the price trades through the target but of course, we have no control over that.  Today it hit it on the nail. 



  1. Wow, you are racing… first full week of 2016…? 🙂

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